My name is Brenda Ramirez Garcia Blasquez and my academic credentials include a Bachelor of Arts in Translation from Ricardo Palma University in Peru. I am a translator certified by the Colegio de Traductores del Perú (Peruvian Association of Professional Licensed Translators) and also certified by ProZ, international community for translators.

During my 10 years of experience as a translator, I have translated a great number of manuals, books and documents for prestigious agencies and corporations as well as personal documentation for individuals.

As a language professional, I know the linguistic aspects, grammatical rules and the diverse orthographic regulations of each language.  I manage diverse techniques and strategies of translation. I know the culture of the source language and target language. I identify the text style and the field of specialization. I am proficient in and utilize excellent computing, research, and time management skills.

At present, I render technical and certified translations in English, Spanish and French.

Personalized service and direct contact with the client, confidentiality of all your documents, fulfillment of previously set terms and requirements, respect of the matice and purpose of the original text, excellent price-quality relation.

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